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Modifications in the taxation of non-residents

Complementary measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19

From B Law & Tax we analyze the discrepancies that have arisen between non-resident natural persons who have been forced to return to their place of origin due to the economic and social impact of the Coronavirus.

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The Tax Agency collapses during the first days of the campaign

Los contribuyentes no quieren quedarse sin la devolución de la renta que les corresponde

From B Law & Tax we report on the collapse of the website of the Tax Agency the first days of presentation of the 2019 income that has been affected by the confinement of taxpayers before the Coronavirus.

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Recommendations to donations to mitigate the impact of COVID-19

Estas medidas se podrán aplicar para reducir la crisis sanitaria provocada por el virus

From B Law & Tax we analyze the possible measures to apply in the tax field of donations to alleviate the economic and social impact caused by the Coronavirus.

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Interest on late payment in PIT

Temporary imputation and qualification in PIT of the interests of late payment received.

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Taxation of holiday rentals

According to the delegate of the Spanish Association of Fiscal Advisor (AEDAF), obtaining the fiscal benefits of renting a house is not related to the duration of the contract. Find out if you can obtain the 60% deduction on the Spanish Personal Income Tax by renting a holiday house in our recent post.  

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